RPD Bear

Back in 2010 a young German Shepherd dog called Juke was destined to become a Police Dog. Described as wilful and full of beans the owners with young children struggling to cope with his boundless energy put him up for adoption on the pre loved site.

Sergeant Geoff Blindell from Gloucestershire Constabulary looking for a replacement for his recently departed Police dog took the journey down to Barnstaple to view the dog and the rest they say is history.

Juke who had now become BEAR due to another Duke on the section took to Policing like a duck to water and a great partnership was born.

The Team have been commended by the Chief Constable and PCC for their outstanding Community work, visiting care homes and schools provding talks and advice about their role and that of the section.

Bear has tracked to offenders involved in burglaries, car crime, saved suicidal missing persons and been involved in Firearms operations and major sporting events, such as the Champions league final in the Millennium stadium, Cardiff in 2017.

During a particularly busy fireworks night in 2015 Bear and his handler responded to a burglary in progress. BEAR was deployed and picked up a track, despite fireworks firing off all around them BEAR remained committed to the track and after some distance through the estate, into a large play park located 2 males carrying large carrier bags full of items. BEAR immediately fired up at the males having tracked to them and began barking, one decided to make a run for it and as BEAR was about to be deployed the second male threw a punch at PS BLINDELL which he had completely missed being focused on the male running off. However his partner didn’t and rather than chasing down the fleeing male spun round and took the males arm which narrowly missed PS BLINDELL. The male was detained until back up arrived and was arrested for the burglary with all the property recovered from the dropped carrier bags.

In 2016 in the early hours a young male armed with a knife had made off into a building site in the Forest of Dean intent on committing suicide. The local Officers struggling to locate the male due to the size of the area and prevailing weather conditions requested the assistance of a dog. PS BLINDELL and PD BEAR attended and despite not havin a starting point set off into the estate to try and locate male. BEAR was deployed off lead and started to search the area, it wasn’t long before he picked up a track and within no

time at all had located the male hiding underneath a parked vehicle. BEAR indicated as trained to do so, barking at the male who came out from under the car with his hands up dropping the knife which he still had in his possession. The male was detained under the mental health act and got the support and care he needed. Due to the weather conditions and state of mind of the male it was unlikely that he would have made it through the night if BEAR hadn’t located him.

Both BEAR and his handler PS Geoff Blindell retired together, one is chasing tennis balls the other golf balls!!

Retired PD Bear sadly passed away on the 19th June 2019 with his handler by his side.


Retired Police Dog Max – Gloucestershire.

Max started his police career in 2010 imported from Germany. In March 2015 Max saved the life of a female who had gone missing for over 5 hours before police were called.

Max tracked to her lying in a field with a broken hip and hypothermia. For this act Max was awarded a PDSA commendation for his actions that night. He was also awarded a Super Pet award where he got to meet Michaela Strachan who gave him his award. In 2017 Max retired from police duty and now lives at home with his handler.

Max is enjoying his retirement to the full.

PC Janson Wong

Retired PD Max sadly passed away in May 2019 with his handler by his side.


Retired Police Dog Sid – Avon & Somerset.

Sid is 12 years old, he retired at the age of 10.  He worked hard with myself as an Explosive search Dog.  Deployed for bomb threats and IED searches.  Sid looked after Royal Family members and senior cabinet ministers.  He completed 2 tours of Northern Ireland looking after President Obama in Ireland.  Sid worked alongside myself at the Olympics, Paralympics and Commonwealth Games.

He regularly worked searching at the Cheltenham Gold cup and International Cricket events.  Sid and I worked at both the G8 and NATO summits.  I’m very proud of the vital work Sid completed.  Sid now spends  his days playing and sleeping with our 2 pet Jack Russell’s which are fantastic companions for him while I’m out working with my new dog.  

PC Nick Dalrymple

Sid sadly passed away on the 22/2/19 in the arms of his family at home in his favourite place on the sofa aged 15 years.

RPD Taco

Retired Police Dog Taco – Wiltshire.

Taco is 11 years old and still full of life. He joined Wiltshire Police as a Drugs cash & firearms recovery dog in 2007. He lives at home with me and my 2 current working dogs PD’s Max & Charley. During his working life he recovered thousands of pounds worth of drugs, thousands in cash and 2 firearms.

Sadly in 2012 he had an accident whilst out running with his fellow police dog and was paralysed for a short time as he hurt his neck. Lots of love, care and physio helped him back to fitness and he did return to work, even if he did run like a banana. He retired from active duty in 2014. Due to his injury he now has regular injections and medication for arthritis, so he’s signed up to WAG’s for help if he needs it.

PC Tracy Doughty.

Retired PD Taco sadly passed away on 20th August 2019 with his family by his side.

RPD Omar

Retired Police Dog Omar – Gloucestershire

Omar began his career in Gloucestershire Police in 2008. Throughout his career, Omar had numerous prisoners, from people breaking into cars and houses to finding vulnerable/missing people.

In 2014 his last year as a working Police Dog, Omar and I received Police Dog Team Operational Humanitarian Action of the Year. We attended Crufts in 2015 to receive the award. This incident just showed what a brilliant Police dog Omar was. A male had committed a domestic assault then ran off across fields saying he had taken medication and was going to kill himself. The helicopter was up , Officers were everywhere looking for him. Omar and I were there looking along paths and streets. The helicopter stood down after a negative search of the area. I decided to check the fields again where the helicopter had been bearing in mind we had already been searching for a couple of hours. Omar and I walked down the fields meeting up with other officers who were standing down and asked if we wanted a lift back we declined and walked back up through the fields . Omar suddenly went over to a hedge and I put his tracking line on. We went through the hedge and I could hear a males voice. Omar tracked to the male who was led in the field but he jumped to his feet and said he was going to kill my ‘bleep bleep’ dog! The level of aggression from this male was extremely scarey, bearing in mind we were in the middle of know where! The male then ran off into the dark and I sent Omar who ran off after him, I followed to find the male stood still with Omar barking at him … a perfect stand off! We kept the male with us until Officers arrived and it took four of them to detain him. What a hero Omar was that night and through his whole career.

This is the link to the YouTube Clip of Omar receiving his award: https://youtu.be/3fiI_LC_DGE

Omar enjoyed his retirement at home with me and my family.  He sadly passed away with me by his side on the 8th October 2018.   

PC Debbie Shields


Retired Police Dog Yogi – Gloucestershire.

Yogi came to me from Europe in December 2007, via Eric White. His name was Mutscho he was very dark coated.

He became the dog with 9 lives, surviving 2 torshions, & running off the edge of the Daglingworth Stone quarry, falling 100ft.
He was the most loyal, obedient crew mate I have worked with. He still searches for property when lost in our fields, & earned himself a box of bonios finding a mobile phone that had been lost.

Yogi enjoyed his retirement to the full, going on trips in the horsebox and relaxing on the sofa. 

Yogi sadly passed away with me by his side on the 9th January 2019.

PC Lenny Mansell